Saturday, August 20, 2011

First days in University Life

...First days in University Life...

Parents are no near
Colleagues are not clear
unfamiliar faces every where
all these make me lonely here

The unforgettable face
which I like to see always
comes to me only in dreams
But she creates smile in my face

Waiting for the rising of Sun
wondering whether it is Friday
No.., there are some days more
to hear that I can go home

The sun has risen and called, it's Friday
everyone knows what our smiles say
best meals are prepared for us, today
We all are waiting to fly away.....
( 2008 at University )


deeps said...

nice poem!
btw, pls remove the word verification. it sucks

Anonymous said...

Nice poem.Reminds me those first days at uni.I can remember seeing this at Art Circle notice board.:)